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Revealed: The world’s most (and least) expensive cities

Four of the five most expensive cities in the world in which to live are in Asia, according to a new ranking of the cost of living. Hong Kong topped the 24th annual survey by Mercer, reclaiming the title of world’s dearest city from the oil-rich capital of Angola, Luanda, which ranked highest last year, but fell to sixth for 2018.

The cost of living in UK cities rose significantly, according to the technology solutions firm’s analysis of 209 cities, with London (19th), Birmingham (128th) and Aberdeen (134th) all climbing up the rankings. Mercer’s Kate Fitzpatrick attributed the rise to a strengthening of the pound against the dollar. Two Swiss cities were the only European entries in the most expensive top 10, with Zurich in third and Bern in 10th, though Geneva sat in 11th place.

Mercer’s survey, designed to show the cost of living for expatriates, takes into account housing as well as a 200-strong “international basket of goods and services” including transportation, food, clothing and entertainment. The report found that housing market instability and fluctuating inflation and currencies were impacting the cost of doing business in the various cities around the world.

At the other end of the scale, the Uzbek capital of Tashkent slipped 86 places to prop up the table, with Tunis, Tunisia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Banjul, The Gambia, just above.

2018 cost of living city ranking
1. 🇭🇰Hong Kong (🇨🇳China)
2. Tokyo (🇯🇵Japan)
3. Zurich (🇨🇭Switzerland)
4. 🇸🇬Singapore
5. Seoul (🇰🇷S-Korea)
6. Luanda (🇦🇴Angola)
7. Shanghai (🇨🇳China)
8. N’Djamena (🇹🇩Chad)
9. Beijing (🇨🇳China)
10. Bern (🇨🇭Switzerland)
11. Geneva (🇨🇭Switzerland)
12. Shenzhen (🇨🇳China)
13. New York City
14. Copenhagen (🇩🇰Denmark)
15. Guangzhou (🇨🇳China)
16. Tel Aviv (🇮🇱Israel)
17. 🇷🇺Moscow (🇷🇺Russia)
18. Libreville (🇬🇦Gabon)
=19. Brazzaville (Republic of the 🇨🇩Congo)
=19. London (🇬🇧UK)

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