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Samsung Touts 📱 Galaxy S9 LTE Speeds, Mocks iPhone X and Genius Bar in New Ad

Samsung is back today with its latest Apple-bashing ad for its Galaxy S9 flagship. This time around, the ad takes it straight to an Apple Store, where a customer inquires about the difference in LTE speeds between the iPhone X and Galaxy S9…

In the ad, an eager smartphone shopper is at an Apple Store and asks if the iPhone X has the fastest LTE speeds. The Genius to which she is talking then explains that the iPhone X has faster download speeds than the iPhone 8, but he goes silent when asked about the speeds in comparison to the Galaxy S9:

This certainly isn’t the first time that Samsung has gone after Apple in its advertising. Earlier this year, it compared its Galaxy S9 to the iPhone 6 as a way of poking fun at Apple’s performance throttling feature. Furthermore, when it unveiled the new Galaxy S9 in February, it mocked the iPhone X’s lack of a fingerprint scanner and notch.

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