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John Cena Tweets Cryptic Message About His Experience with Trust

John Cena, 41, shared some words of wisdom on Aug. 3 when he took to Twitter to post a message about trust and how it can affect views on people and we can’t help but wonder if the advice is a little indication of what went wrong between him and his ex Nikki Bella, 34. “Trust is a powerful thing. ‘don’t trust anyone’ closes the door on the experience of life. Learn to trust people, good and bad can come of this, but the more you trust, the more you get to know people for who they really are,” John’s tweet read.

Just a few days ago on July 30, John posted a similar tweet that read, “If you can learn something from your experiences, good and bad, you will live with little to no regret.” Perhaps this is the first inkling that John is feeling confident about the final split which is a lot different from the first time they ended their engagement back in Apr. It didn’t take long for them to reunite and rekindle the flame that everyone was sad went out.

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