China equips troops in Tibet with hi-pressure oxygen

China equips troops in Tibet with hi-pressure oxygen supplies to highlight military preparedness The Chinese military has set up oxygen stations and introduced high-pressure oxygen therapy and specially designed portable barracks to its troops stationed in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to boost combat capability in the high-altitude ranges where oxygen levels are low, official media here reported today. Chinese official media had been periodically highlighting the training preparations and the combat readiness of the PLA troops in Tibet in the recent months. According to the official People’s Liberation Army (PLA) website, all frontline training troops and border outposts have been equipped with oxygen generators and oxygen cylinders. Also, the Army Medical University’s Xinqiao Hospital in Xigaze, which is close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India, is developing a high-pressure oxygen therapy that could effectively solve altitude stress for troops stationed on the plateau, the PLA Daily said. It said that oxygen therapy, used to cure brain damage and carbon monoxide poisoning, can be calibrated for high altitude. The improved therapy has proved effective against altitude stress. Oxygen stations have been built along border roads for soldiers to recover stamina, the state-run Global Times reported today.

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