John Dumelo has grown fat after marriage.

This photo of actor John Dumelo which is causing a stir on social media. According to views of fans and followers of the actor, John Dumelo looks fat and has developed a pot belly like an ‘old man’ also commonly known as ‘sugar daddy’. John shared this photo to his Instagram page and indicated that he was at the Niagara Falls, Ontario, in Canada. John Dumelo was apparently catching fun when he shared the photo with his fans. However, most of his fans have overlooked the fun aspect of Dumelo’s post and have rather commented on his look. They said John Dumelo was looking fat, with some of them advising him to visit the nearest gym. Some of the fans also attributed Dumelo’s new look to stress saying that he is not a happy man. Others also said Dumelo was enjoying his wife’s food and that was what was making him grow big. Oheneba, Tommy, Joe, Chinedu, and many others believed John Dumelo looked fat. ohenebagodbl: “Eeeei girls boy boy u are becoming fat.anwa nkoaaaaa.” tommyjoe143: “Your getting fat oo ��.” debysoftonos: “See how fat you’ve become @johndumelo1.” petra.deann: “Eewwwwwww this fat is stress fat! You’re not happy ��.” eke.chinedu: “Man you’re getting fat @johndumelo1.” ugopatricia: “Your getting big oooh.” Pounds had an advise for Dumelo poundz4u: “@johndumelo1 pls hit the gym small wai.” Vimus believed John’s wife’s food is the best. da_vimus: “The evidence of your wife’s cooking is showing nicely. Thumb’s Up to her.” Yankyz did not want to accept that her ‘fine’ crush Dumelo could become this fat. yankyz_creation_events: “Awwww No way this can’t be the same John Dumelo that has always been my crush @ johndumelo1.” Ogaga also had an advise for Dumelo. zeituneogaga: “John John John!! Did u hear me? Visit your nearest gym. His wife, Gifty Mawunya, has also been in the news following a video report that suggests that she is heavily pregnant.

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