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PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed the nation on 72nd anniversary of India’s Independence from the historic Red Fort. This is Prime Minister’s fifth Independence Day address since BJP-led NDA came to power in 2014. Here is a look at key points from his speech – *On successful RS and LS sessions* “The recently concluded Parliament session was one devoted to social justice. The Parliament session witnessed the passage of the Bill to create an OBC Commission.” *On sacrifices of freedom fighters* “On behalf of the people of India, I bow to all those great women and men who sacrificed themselves for the nation during the freedom movement.” *On recent floods in the country* “Many parts of the nation witnessed a good monsoon but at the same time parts of India have been affected by flooding. My thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives due to floods in various parts of India.”*On 100th anniversary of Jallianwala Bagh massacre* “Next year on Vaisakhi, it will be the 100th anniversary of the massacre in Jallianwala Bagh. I remember the martyrs of the country in this massacre and pay my respect to them.” *On India’s space mission* “Today, it is with great pleasure that I inform the people of this country. In 2022, on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, India will unfurl the tri-colour in the space.” *On Subramania Bharati vision of India* The great Tamil poet, the exemplary and optimistic Subramania Bharati had said that India will not only rise as a great nation, but will also inspire the others. He had said – India will show the way to the entire world to unshackle the bonds. *On progress made since 2013* “If we had continued at the same pace at which toilets were being built in 2013, the pace at which electrification was happening in 2013, then it would have taken us decades to complete them.” “The speed with which the government was progressing in 2013…if we take 2013 as the base line, you will be surprised at the speed at which the country is progressing.” *On Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan* ‏ “Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan will be launched on 25th September this year. It is high time we ensure that the poor of India get access to good quality and affordable healthcare.” Watch the full speech here📹:Video Here (Click)

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