Ramos Bites Klopp

Ramos Bites Back at Klopp Sergio Ramos has hit back at Jurgen Klopp as the feud between the Real Madrid star and Liverpool boss continues to smoulder after the Champions League final. Ramos became public enemy No. 1 on Merseyside when he dislocated Mohamed Salah’s shoulder early in the decider. Klopp has spoken out publicly against Ramos, calling the Spain international a “wrestler” during one press conference when he was asked about the subject. Last week he also claimed he would rather be a “bad loser” than win in Ramos’ fashion. When Ramos was quizzed on Klopp’s words on Tuesday, however, he pointed out that Klopp had tasted final defeat before without his help. “I will not stress this issue. Everyone has a point of view that should be respected. I had no intention of holding Mohamed Salah’s arm, but he first grabbed my arm,” he rold reporters. “If Jurgen Klopp wants to make it a reason to lose, this is not the first final he has lost, but in the end he is a great coach and I voted for him for the Coach of the Year award.”  

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