Spiders Cover Greek Coast in 1,000-Foot Web

An uptick in temperature and humidity in western Greece has set the stage for a massive spider party along one town’s shore.

Residents of Aitoliko, Greece recently woke up to a massive 1,000-foot long spiderweb covering a large patch of greenery on the beach. Experts say that the creepy coverage was caused by Tetragnatha spiders, which built the web for mating purposes.

Tetragnatha spiders (also known as stretch spiders because of their long bodies) live in many parts of the world, including the United States, and commonly build their webs near water. Some members of the species can even walk on water, according to Science Alert.

This particular population of Tetragnatha spiders has recently grown in the area, caused in part by an increase in the mosquito population, which is an important source of prey.

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