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5 Reasons You Should Wait A While Before Visiting The Salon As Always?

The Unspoken benefits of wielding a virgin and avoiding all forms of synthetic hair embellishment is counter-numerous.
Allowance of the scalp to have a well convinient pace to rest off all synthetics ranging from “Lye/No Lye Relaxers, Hot Hair Straighteners, Overuse of styling Gels,” And lots more.
The Potency, strength, Growth, Recovery and scalp management gets enhanced as the hair isnt tampered with.

5 reasons you should wait a while before visiting the salon as always?

2Years Of Virgin Hair ©IreBamiSalako
1.The Hair Will have attained a reasonable recovery measure.
2. The Scalp isnt weakened due to the application of chemical based products.
3.The Length of the hair grows in its original form.
4.The hair gets more silky and the scalp gets already moisturized as chemicals dries up the scalp.
5. The body produces the major nutrients that the hair needs for an healthy growth.
2Years Of Virgin Hair @Salon ©IrebamiSalako
And now that you know the benefits,
What are the hair products which is very useful for the virgin hair?
*Coconut Oil
*Shea Butter

*Note* You dont have to wait for 2Years like she did, But Let your hair rest from the unending “LooseNFix” routine.
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