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GoFundMe Campaign Launches  to Help Young Girls See ‘Captain Marvel’

Following the success of a prior campaign that raised more than $50,000 to help children see Black Panther in theaters, GoFundMe announced on Tuesday that it was launching a similar effort to send young girls to Marvel’s first female-led film, Captain Marvel.

The CaptainMarvelChallenge, a joint effort between the crowdfunding platform and Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles, looks to raise funds for the children’s tickets, tickets for chaperones and refreshments for attending young girls. The campaign’s goal is $10,000; any extra funds will go to funding programs for Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles as well as We Have Stories, a nonprofit grant and marketing agency that supports projects for marginalized communities.

All receipts from the tickets, refreshments and organization donations will be sent to campaign donors at the end of the campaign.

The campaign was initially inspired by a tweet from Captain Marvel star Brie Larson in September following the success of the BlackPantherChallenge, created by We Have Stories founder Frederick Joseph. “I feel like a CaptainMarvelChallenge is in order….” Larson wrote in response to a teacher who said she had shown the ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer to her class.

As of Tuesday morning, the campaign had raised over $2,700 toward its goal. Read more about the campaign here.

Captain Marvel __ is set for a wide release on March 8.

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