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The street of laziness (A)

Welcome back! We resume our journey. We have arrived at the street of physical and spiritual laziness. This street is divided into two… Oh! the fog and sluggishness of this street! The atmosphere so dull and hazy with compelling power that could make the cloudy mist swallow you whole if you’re not careful. Watch your steps!

Let us start with the first part of this street, the physical laziness. A lot of people might not belong here, but for those who do, pay close attention. Picture this;
You were gifted with a machine to carry out your daily activities and it is supposed to function for average of 70 years. For this machine to function, it needs constant servicing, daily toping of the oil and the machine must perform daily functions. This is the only way to make this machine last.

The spare parts of this machine is bloody expensive, you have to be very careful not to damage it. Even if you have the money for the spare parts, there is no guarantee it would be a fit for your machine and your machine could stop working during the procedure. Would you not agree it would be very foolish to not treat this literally irreplaceable machine right?

Our bodies are like machines, it only works to its maximum when it used well. If left alone, it becomes less effective. Your muscles need to be in constant motion for them to function well. A good example is someone whose left leg got fractured and had to wear a cast for six months. For that six months, he puts no pressure at all on the left leg so it may heal, after the cast gets removed, the difference between the right and left leg is evident. The left leg suffers from atrophy and becomes smaller because of lack of use.

When you don’t use what you have, it flees away from you. This is why it is important to exercise your body. If you weren’t meant to move, you wouldn’t have joints for movement. Rest well, exercise, and eat right.
Your body is the most important tool you have on this earth. Without your body, you wouldn’t be on this plane. You owe your body the responsibility of taking care of it. Be grateful for your body, treat it right.

We have arrived at the end of the first part of this street, we shall be taking a turn to the street of spiritual laziness. Almost everyone belongs there. Not everyone would like to face the bitter truth of this street, I advice you to prepare your mind to be objective and logical, See you soon.

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